SandRacer 500GT

SandRacer, a game-changing supercar born in the desert.

All Supercars look fantastic, feature luxurious racing-inspired interiors and are exclusive high performance machines. Their common denominator is that they are suited to racetracks and certainly not designed for speed bumps.

Zarooq Motors make supercars which will leave you breathless as you accelerate on a week-end track day and which you can also take for a luxurious commute in the city. What makes SandRacers unique is that they are capable of handling any off-road terrain, even the toughest dunes of the Arabian Desert where they were born.

Zarooq Motors: First Emirati car manufacturer.

Zarooq” / زاروق means Sand Racer in Emirati, it is the fastest snake in the desert. Zarooq Motors is the first Emirati car manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in the UAE and Europe.

The team is made of Motorsport and luxury experts, best in class international designers and engineers supported by renowned professionals such as Campos Racing.


The SandRacer: The Supercar without boundaries

A 2-seater, rear-wheel drive, mid-engine supercar with a body penned by a hypercar designer, featuring a luxury carbon fibre and hand-stitched leather interior.

The brutal performance (525hp, 660Nm,6.2l V8; 1300 kg) is as potent on the asphalt as off-road with 45 cm Dakar-grade dampers, a SEQUENTIAL off-road racing gearbox and a unique lightweight racing chassis with a built-in roll cage designed by Campos Racing Grand Prix engineers.


Founded in 2015 to develop distinct Supercars suited for all conditions and focused on driving pleasure,
Zarooq Motors headquarters and production sites are close to our key markets and spread between the UAE and Monaco.

Overview of Zarooq Motors’ history


  • Laffite
    Bruno Laffite
    Bruno Laffite is a Frenchman with 25 years of racing experience in Karting; formula 3, formula Renault; formula Ford as well as a test driver in US Indy car. He also owned racetracks and coached drivers in various categories like DTM.
    He comes from a famous family in Motorsport, his uncle Jacques, having several victories in Formula One, and his cousin, Margot, is the main Formula One TV Anchor on French television. Bruno, based in Monaco, oversees the technical development and our manufacturing partners in Europe.
  • Mohamed
    Mohammed Al Qadi
    Mohammed Al Qadi is a UAE National who graduated from Ajman University, has been a pillar of motorsport in his country for more than 15 years. He started his career in Motor Sports back in 1994 as a volunteer marshal at one of the local rallies, and since was involved in cars and motorsport, for instance as a volunteer for all the events held back then by the Emirates Motor Sports Association (now known as Emirates Motor Sports Federation), and moved up the ladder from being a marshal, to Rally Stage commander all the way to become the UAE Rally Championship Manager. His career led him to hold key responsibilities in Dubai autodrome and then was Chief Operations Officer of the Formula One circuit of Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. Mohammed is based in Dubai and is Zarooq’s UAE sponsor and in charge of leading motorsports.
  • IMG-20170616-WA0000
    Iannis Mardell
    Iannis Mardell, a British, Irish and French Citizen, graduated from ESSEC MBA, has 20 years of experience in strategy consulting in international Top-Tier firms. He has worked for global leaders in the sports industry as well as automotive players. In the Middle East, he has worked on the issue of local industrialization and in the motorsport field. He worked with the founders of the Winfield Racing school (Mike Knight and Simon de Lautour), which is the most prolific school for Formula One drivers. Iannis is based in Dubai and oversees finance, strategy and marketing, globally as well as UAE operations.
  • laetitia
    Laetitia Laffite
    Laetitia Laffite, a Belgian citizen, has 15 years of experience in exclusive luxury and art markets (Monaco Art fund, Lalique Art Partner, Florida Baker Museum Adviser, Monumental Art Promotion). Laetitia is based in Monaco and she oversees Design and partnerships.


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